New Sony Oxford Limiter available

SonyLimiterNewsA new addition to the Sony Oxford plug-in family, the Oxford Limiter is a very high quality programme limiter, with a unique ‘Enhance’ control and comprehensive metering.

Unique processing in the form of the Enhance function provides the sample value limiting needed to reliably avoid overloads in digital workstation environments and allows unprecedented volume and punch to be applied to programme beyond that available from conventional limiting functions.

Comprehensive metering is provided which displays not only conventional peak sample value, but additionally allows the user to monitor the true validity of the programme in order to avoid the generation of damaging reconstruction overloads in the target equipment which are often invisible during production (sometimes termed ‘inter sample peaks’).

A further function allows the user to dynamically correct for reconstruction overloads in real time, thereby achieving maximum possible modulation levels without the risks of producing illegal signals often associated with compression and limiting.

We already did some initial testing against other limiters and have to admit that the Oxford Limiter really shines. Specially demanding classical music sounds much cleaner than with other widely used comparable products. But no names here… Come to A/B it against other limiters in our showroom with your own material or download the demo from the link below.