New Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ

There are many scenarios in mixing and mastering where EQ is required, but where the application of static EQ will result in too much or too little change as the signal varies over time. Or, a signal may require compression/expansion in some frequency ranges more than others.

Multi-band compression (MBC) is a common solution but MBC provides little flexibility over the shape of the processed band and can suffer from static phase distortion. Linear phase MBC requires high processing latency and can exhibit detrimental low frequency artefacts.

The Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ solves all these problems, and enables styles of processing and problem solving which are impossible with a conventional EQ or MBC. All accomplished with hallmark Sonnox precision, transparency and musicality. 

– 5 bands of ‘R3 Type 3’ proportional-Q dynamic equalisation with optional shelf type
– All bands can overlap fluidly without the static phase distortion or low frequency artefacts associated with multi-band compressors
– Each band can process and/or detect from mono, stereo, mid or side channels
– Flexible per-band internal/external side chain controls
– Allows up/down compression and up/down expansion
– Unique onset detection option for very precise transient processing
– A clear and informative GUI simplifies the often complex workflows associated with multi-band dynamic plug-in
– An easy workflow for both mixing and mastering

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