New Roger Nichols Digital SPL-IZER

Spl-Izer_9.07Roger Nichols Digital RND announced a completely new kind of plug-in, Spl-izer. Spl-izer splices your signal 24dB/oct. in three frequency bands without phase shifting with high-quality FIR filters.

Now, why would you do that? Beyond the obvious use of magically turning your favorite dynamics processor to a multiband unit, you can apply slightly different flavor of effects to each band, allowing much more focused use of your tools and cleaner overall sound. For example vocal reverb: No reverb on the low end, the original reverb on the mid section and the same reverb but with reduced decay on the high end. Or run acoustic rhythm guitar track through the Spl-izer: low end muted, mid section straight through and a short echo/ chorus only on the high end. Or vocal delay: Split lead vocal into high and low frequencies, then add delay only to the higher frequencies. Thus the sibilant-rich sounds have echo, while the lower notes do not. This way you can avoid muddying up the midrange – the vocal echoes “float” over the other sounds.

The possibilities are huge but the price is tiny, only Fr. 169.- incl. MwSt.

SPL-IZER details