New RND Uniqual-izer 2.0

RND_Uniqual-izer-2_4.09The most versatile EQ in the industry just got even more visual feedback. Uniqual-izer 2.0 adds integrated FFT Analyzer and Spectagram display on top of the already existing RTA. Now you have three different views of the frequency content of the material, directly in the EQ display. The user interface has also been vamped up to help you get the sound you want even faster.

The main features that make Uniqual-izer so unique are still around like unlimited number of simultaneous filters for extreme tweaking, 11 filter types for flexible corrections, harmonic comb filters for hum removal, frequency display and EQ curves in the same intuitive display, etc. Uniqual-izer 2.0 is available as TDM, RTAS VST and AU.

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