New Pro Tools HD Native

ProToolsHD_Native_10.10Imagine full Pro Tools HD software features, full track count, 64 audio channels of in/out, Automatic Delay Compensation. For a fraction of the price of a Pro Tools HD.

Meet Pro Tools HD Native:

– One PCIe card
– Pro Tools HD 8.5 Software
– 192 tracks, 128 buses
– 1.6ms Latency
– Automatic Delay Compensation
– Max. 4 HD I/Os for 64 ch in/out
– Up to 192kHz/24bit
– Legacy “Blue” I/Os compatible
– Core Audio and ASIO for 64 I/O channels
– Low Latency Bus for monitoring
– VCA Mixing, Surround, AFL/PFL
– Input Monitoring
– Destructive/Track Punch Recording
– Machine Control, Video Satellite compatible
– ICON, C|24, Euphonix compatible
– VENUE compatible
– RTAS plug-ins (no TDM)
– Mac OS 10.6, Windows 7
– Compatible with new Mac Pros
– Supports Magma PCIe chassis for laptop setups
– 64bit Floating Point Mixer (equivalent to 48bit fixed point of HD cards)

The new Pro Tools HD Native is a perfect solution for those who thought they can’t afford a Pro Tools HD system, offering all the professional features that and LE system just can’t touch. It’s also a magnificent 2nd system for editing and mixing with the perfect HD sound quality as well as 100% same workflow and features as TDM-based Pro Tools HD systems. The Pro Tools HD Native Card also supports 64 channels of I/O for VENUE systems so it’s a no-brainer for offering affordable yet state-of-the-art multitrack recording for live concerts.

Meet us at Light & Sound and we’ll tell you all about the new Pro Tools HD Native and show you the brand new HD I/O, OMNI I/O and MADI I/Os as well. Drop us a line for free tickets.

Pro Tools HD Native