New Pro Tools HD Licensing Options Incl. Upgrades For One Year

Pro_Tools_HD_Upgrade_PlanPro Tools HD 9, 10, or 11 owners can now purchase a 1-year Avid annual upgrade plan for Fr. 645.-, until the end of 2015. With it you get all Pro Tools HD software upgrades plus access to Avid support for one year. After the first year, you can renew each year for only Fr. 429.-. To get the special renewal price, you must buy the initial plan until the end of 2015 and renew the annual upgrade plan before it expires. If you choose not to upgrade now or want to take a break from the plan, you can hop back in for an upgrade price of Fr. 1’075.- when you wish, also including latest version plus one year of free upgrades and Avid support.

In addition, all new Pro Tools | HDX and Pro Tools HD Native system purchases now come bundled with the same 1-year Avid annual upgrade plan for free, which is also renewable for Fr. 429.- per year. This includes systems purchased through a legacy HD hardware exchange.

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