New Pro Tools HD I/O

Avid_Omni_IO_08.10 Avid_HDIO_08.10The new HD I/O replaces 192 I/O and has much better specs and sound quality but is available at even more affordable price in a bundle with Pro Tools HD. HD I/O is available in two versions: 8×8 (8 analog in, 8 analog out, 8 digital in/out) and 16×16 (16 analog in, 16 analog out). The all-new AD and DA converters, redesigned analog section with state of the art filtering and design, new PSU, lower latency and new “Curv” soft knee limiter have already had great responses at VIP listening tests.

“The new I/O sounds amazing. They sound really natural, really transparent.” (Butch Vig, Garbage, Nirvana, Green Day). On the digital side the new HD I/O adds support for single-wire 192kHz over AES/ EBU and S/PDIF as well as ADAT S/MUX 2 & S/MUX 4.