New Pro Tools Artist, Studio and Flex

With Pro Tools 2022.4, Avid introduces new naming and tier structure to Pro Tools. Pro Tools Free is gone and replaced by Pro Tools Artist, a paid but inexpensive subscription.

Pro Tools will be upgraded to Pro Tools Studio, adding many new features like doubling the track count and immersive audio and Dolby Atmos support via Dolby Atmos renderer.

Pro Tools Flex is aimed for For Audio Post facilities and high end music studios. It includes Pro Tools Ultimate subscription and is required for HDX/HD Native systems. Pro Tools Flex subscription bundles Pro Tools Ultimate with additional content and third party products. Among the new features in this latest version of Ultimate is a raising of the native IO limit from 64 to 256 channels making it very interesting to Dolby Atmos mixers.

New perpetual licences will not be available for sale after April 26th but existing perpetual licences will continue to function and you can still keep them up to date with software and support renewals. An important exception is that you can still buy Pro Tools Ultimate Perpetual license bundled with HDX or HD Native hardware.

Pro Tools 2022.4 brings also many new and cool features, details here.

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