New Pro Tools 2023.6 With Many New Features

The new Pro Tools 2023.6 delivers Track Markers, additional Track Widths (up to 9.1.6 and 7th order Ambisonics), guided Device Setup, surround monitoring support for Pro Tools | Carbon, and more.

With new Track Markers, you can add detailed, color-coded comments to any track, making collaborative workflows easier. Track Markers created in Media Composer will also now translate to Pro Tools.

Pro Tools 2023.6 introduces new track widths to support more Dolby Atmos and other immersive audio production formats, such as MPEG-H. Pro Tools Studio will support track widths from 5.0.2–7.1.6, while Pro Tools Ultimate will support from 5.0.2–9.1.6 for better spatial accuracy and precision when mixing immersive content. The 2023.6 update also adds higher-order Ambisonics support to Pro Tools Ultimate (fourth-, fifth-, sixth-, and seventh-order)—ideal for modern gaming engines and VR workflows.

The newly redesigned and improved Event Operations window makes working with MIDI easier. The UI layout and text labels have been tweaked to be more logical, intuitive, and consistent within and across all the processes. From quantizing and transposing notes to changing velocities, duration, and more, the intuitive new window layout provides fast access to fine-tune MIDI performances. Multiple processes can also be applied to MIDI notes much faster through multiple Apply buttons.

The new guided Device Setup improves the first launch experience so that users can start using Pro Tools quickly and without frustrations. Pro Tools will ask users to select an audio device at launch if it’s their first time launching the software or the previously used device is no longer available.

With Pro Tools 2023.6 you can generate higher quality audio masters with support for 96 kHz Dolby Atmos ADM import and export (Pro Tools Studio and Ultimate only) and Carbon users will be able to monitor audio in surround, opening up a whole new world of immersive mixing.

If you don’t have a current ProTools upgrade and Support plan, contact us for a “Get Current” reinstatement to be able to use all the cool new features.