New Pro Tools 2018.1

The new Pro Tools 2018.1 includes major improvements and new features for Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools, and Pro Tools | HD, and will be available to new customers, current subscribers, and users with an active upgrade plan.

Pro Tools 2018.1 includes many customer wishes and offers many cool features especially for music users.

Main features:
– Retrospective MIDI Record: Capture MIDI performances when not recording
– MIDI Editing Enhancements: Arrow keys editing, transpose in-key, extract chords
– Track Presets: Browse presets with embedded media and build sessions on the fly
– Improved Import Session Data: New Track Data To Import dialog with presets*
– Playlist Comping Enhancements: Comp playlists in Waveform view, target playlist*
– Mix Window EQ Curves: Shows combined EQ effects inserted on a track
– Mixing UI Enhancements: Color indicators for Automation and Pre-Fader Sends
– “Start Collaboration” File Menu Item: Convert to project files and invite collaborators*
– iLok Cloud Support: Cloud licensing option available
– Site Licensing (coming soon): Administer Pro Tools across your enterprise, teams, or facility

*Not available in Pro Tools First.

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