New Pro Tools 12.6 With Clip Effects, Audio Layers

protools_12-6_9-16We just saw the brand new Pro Tools 12.6 at IBC Amsterdam and must say it’s pretty cool. 12.6 introduces many long-time user requests and opens completely new workflows to speed up your every day tasks in a major way.

What’s new in Pro Tools 12.6:

– Clip Effects: With Clip Effects (Pro Tools HD only), you can apply real-time EQ and dynamics to a single clip or clip group on your timeline, enabling you to have different settings across multiple clips on a track. This gives you more precision when working with multiple clips of related audio, such as dialog or voiceovers.

– Re-record in the box (Pro Tools HDX only)
: Achieve click-free pristine punch-ins with single-system post re-recorder workflows “in the box” right inside of Pro Tools HD. Using Pro Tools HDX and any punch mode, the system calibrates and time aligns your stems so there’s no latency or audio artifacts when punching in and out of tracks or switching inputs. Both in the actual recording and what you hear live in real time.

– Audio Layers: Edit audio layers, playlists and fades more easily. 
With new enhancements to the way Pro Tools handles overlapping clips, editing audio is easier than ever. Automatically create new playlists for overlapping clips. Then switch between multiple playlists with new key commands. And quickly adjust a fade shapes directly in the Edit window using the Smart Tool.

Pro Tools 12.6 will be available late September.

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