New PRO | MON Monitor Control For DAD

DAD-Monitor-Control-2.15Another monitoring project for Pro Tools and S6 that we have been consulting and following closely behind the curtains has come to fruition:

DAD released a clever alternative to XMON by introducing the new PRO | MON software option for AX32 and DX32 I/O units. With PRO | MON, an AX32 is the most versatile Pro Tools HD interface on the planet, combining functionalities of an audio I/O, mic pre, MADI I/O, XMON, Dante I/O and SDI embedded audio I/O in one box with pristine audio quality.

PRO | MON option takes monitor control to a new level by providing functionality of both the Avid XMON and Studio Monitor Pro in S6 based hardware environment enabling music and post production facilities to benefit from interfacing to both analogue and digital domains with speaker formats from stereo, 5.1, 7.1 all the way to 64 channels for Dolby ATMOS as well as summing processing with 256 inputs and 32 outputs.

Contact us for a demo unit and more details.