New MTRX Thunderbolt 3

Avid unveiled the new Thunderbolt 3 module for MTRX II and MTRX Studio. And before you ask, yes, your existing MTRX Studio can be upgraded to TB3 connectivity with a simple 15-min upgrade.

The new MTRX Thunderbolt 3 Module brings efficient Native connectivity to both Mac and PC. For systems that already have a DigiLink connection, Thunderbolt 3 opens up new workflows. You can route from Pro Tools HDX to another DAW over the Thunderbolt connection, compose in one DAW and record to Pro Tools. Or route audio directly to the Dolby Atmos Renderer through your Thunderbolt connection while maintaining full use of your HDX DSP cores. Channel count over TB3 is 256ch with MTRX II and 64ch with MTRX Studio.

While DSP-based HDX continues to provide the lowest latency possible, TB3 provides the fastest native connection for audio workstations or mobile workflows. Here at SEC we’re really looking forward to test the TB3 module to find out if the latency is low enough to go through Pro Tools to headphones without issues. Little birds told us that this should be possible. This would revolutionise multichannel music workflows because you could do everything incl. headphone mixes with FX inserts directly in Pro Tools without DigiLink on a fast Apple Silicon machine. For post production DigiLink is still the king due to frame-edge sync capability with SYNC X.

The TB3 module is sold separately so be sure to mention it when you order a new MTRX II or MTRX Studio.

Contact us for pricing and availability.