New MediaStation|PT 2.7 and Video Satellite Option

MediaStation_2.7_10.07BThe new Media Station|PT 2.7 with the Video Satellite Option lets you play back any Avid video sequence in perfect sync with Pro Tools installed on a separate computer, eliminating time-consuming video exports and preserving full audio processing power in Pro Tools. Media Station|PT 2.7 also supports Avid Unity shared storage and Avid Interplay, and even serves as a video capture, export, and layback station.

In Video Satellite mode, Pro Tools controls the Media Station|PT system through Ethernet and offers rock-solid sync, faster-than-9-pin lockup, and incredibly responsive scrub and shuttle. The Media Station|PT system can be easily shared with all Pro Tools|HD systems in the network.

MediaStation 2.7 and Video Satellite Option details