New Mbox 2 Micro – Pro Tools in your pocket

mbox2_10.07You asked for it, Digidesign listened: Here we go!

The new Mbox 2 Micro is the Pro Tools in your pocket as requested countless times in the last few years. It enables you to edit, sequence, and mix Pro Tools sessions, as well as compose music with virtual instruments and loops anywhere you want.

About the size of a typical USB flash drive made from sturdy aluminium, Mbox 2 Micro offers high-quality sound (24bit/48KHz), a mini jack for headphone or speaker monitoring (no audio inputs), and a convenient volume wheel. Mbox 2 Micro comes with full Pro Tools LE software package, enabling you to work with Pro Tools sessions and compose wherever inspiration hits you.

You can pre-order Mbox 2 Micro now from us, it will ship in early November.

Mbox 2 Micro