New limiter and analysis tools from Roger Nichols Digital

RogerNich_7.06Finis and Inspector XL the latest additions to Roger Nichols Digital (RND) plug-in collection.

Finis is a smooth and transparent peak limiter that helps you maximize your audio’s loudness without audible distortion. As the same limiting style doesn’t fit every purpose, Finis provides you with three distinct limiting algorithms. To keep an eye on your audio levels, Finis introduces an integrated Peak, RMS, and Peak hold metering.

And because limiting affects audio dynamics, Finis also includes an innovative new meter:the Crest Factor meter to ensure you don’t kill your dynamics. Unless of course, that’s the goal.

Perfect companion for Finis is Inspector XL. It’s several modules gives you a full picture of your audio from spectral analysis to extensive metering including FFT, Spectragram, ISO Third Octave spectral analysis, phase, Peak, Peak Hold, Average etc..

Inspector’s unique alarm feature helps you find problems from total and consecutive clips to balance and headroom. You can even automate many of Inspector’s parameters to make your analysis simpler.

As other RDN plugs, the packages include RTAS, VST, AU for Mac and RTAS, VST for Windows.

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