New ICON D-Control and D-Command Bundles

ICON_Bundles_9.06You can now select from four different D-Control bundles (in 16-, 32-, and 48-fader versions) with components for Music, Post, Tracking, or Mixing (D-Control Expanded bundle). The D-Command 24-fader Music and Post bundles offer updated configurations as well and totally new are the low budget Power 8 Bundles which do not include the D-Command Fader Pack. All bundles include full Pro Tools HD|3 core system and as new additions DigiTranslator and our absolutely favorite reverb, TL Space. All D-Control bundles also now come with the touch-sensitive Surround Panner.

Come to check out the new bundles in our showroom to find out which bundle would save you the most money. We have plenty of hot coffee cold beer to help to figure out the perfect combination for your studio.