New HD Native Thunderbolt

HD_Native_Thunderbolt_9.12Now you can get all the goodness of HD Native – sound quality, low latency, huge track & I/O count – in a Thunderbolt box.

Great for live or studio, HD Native Thunderbolt doesn’t require a big Mac because works with any Thunderbolt equipped iMac or MacBook.

Available immediately, HD Native Thunderbolt comes as a bundle with HD OMNI or HD 8x8x8 interfaces with same pricing as HD Native PCIe card systems and is compatible with all HD-series audio interfaces.

– Record, edit and mix HD sessions with a laptop or iMac
– Get the highest performance and lowest latency of any native DAW
– Achieve high-end audio and flexibility with Pro Tools HD interfaces
– Use the advanced tools and workflows of included Pro Tools HD software
– Monitor with built-in audiophile headphone amp (up to 300 Ohm)
– Use up to 64 channels of simultaneous I/O
– Serial port for syncing with SYNC HD

Pro Tools HD Native Thunderbolt