New HD, MADI, OMNI I/Os in Stock at SEC

HD_IOs_in_stock_9.10We just got the first delivery of all the new Pro Tools HD I/Os. If you want to be the first kid on the block you better hurry because this shipment is almost pre-sold out already. But no worries if you didn’t order yet and can wait for few days as we’ll get more tomorrow or next week.

As we always say, don’t believe the hype, believe your ears, so give us a ring if you want to come and have a listen in our showroom or if you want to have a demo unit at your place for more thorough testing.

Or come to Light & Sound Luzern 16-18.10, stand 408. We’ll have all the new HD gear there and much, much more cool stuff for your ears and eyes – obviously these things sound great but they kinda look cool as well.

Pro Tools HD I/Os