New Eucon 3.7

Avid released today Eucon 3.7 upgrade, the 2nd unified Eucon version for all Avid control surfaces. Eucon 3.7 brings couple of new features like ICON-style EQ and DYN cycling for way faster changing of different equalisers and dynamic processors directly from a controller. 

Another very cool feature is Master Meter Module for S6. It lets you turn any S6 Display Module into a Master Meter Module, so you can keep your Master and Bus meters visible at all times. With a display of up to four rows of meters that can be stored as presets and recalled with layouts, you’ll have a dedicated channel-independent metering display for checking your gain structure, built right into your S6.

New VCA Spill for Artist Mix, Pro Tools | S3, or Pro Tools | Dock enhances your workflow, providing a faster way of working with multiple VCA-controlled tracks. By tapping a VCA button on the Pro Tools | Control app, it will spill its slaves onto the surface (re-tap to un-spill).