New Digidesign Signal Tools Available for FREE

SignalTools_08_06SignalTools is a suite of multi-channel metering and analysis tools included in the free DigiRack plug-in collection.

– Two plug-ins:All new SurroundScope and PhaseScope
– Phase, surround levels, peak, and Leq(A) metering
– Multi-channel support when used with Pro Tools HD software
– High-resolution processing up to 192 kHz
– Tight integration with Digidesign control surfaces
– Flexible metering options with peak hold preferences
– Peak, RMS, VU, BBC, DIN, Nordic, Peak + RMS and VENUE
– Industry-standard Leq(A) metering
– Optimized for maximum CPU and DSP usage
– Available in TDM and RTAS formats
– Windows XP and Mac OS X support
– Compatible with Pro Tools 7.0 or higher software

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