New Digidesign Eleven Guitar Amp Plug-In

Prod_PlugIns_Digi_Eleven_10_07At Guitar Hero 2007 competition in San Francisco Digidesign unveiled Eleven, a new plug-in that delivers ultra-realistic guitar amp tones based on classic and modern amplifiers and speaker cabinets like Fender, VOX, Marshall, Mesa/Boogie and Soldano. With Eleven, you can feel the sonic details and nuances often overlooked by other amp-modeling solutions, including ghost notes, power amp sag, cabinet resonance, speaker cone breakup.

The plug-in will be available in two versions: Eleven (TDM, RTAS, AudioSuite) and Eleven LE (RTAS, AudioSuite) and an early version is already available for download as a free 30-day iLok based trial.

Digidesign Eleven