New DAD Software and Firmware

Version of DADman control software is now available, as well as updated Thunderbolt3 drivers for MacOS Core Audio and ASIO for Windows and a firmware update for DAD’s Thunder|Core series. The update will benefit all users of AX32, DX32, AX64, Core 256, AX Center, MTRX, MTRX Studio and now also MTRX II. The new versions bring very cool new features like cloning settings between units.

New firmware for AX64, AX Center, Core 256 and MTRX II also now supports DADLink which is a new proprietary technology by DAD with “zero” latency (approx. 1 micro second!) between the connected units meaning that all inputs and outputs are phase aligned.

Finally, the new Thunder|Core Thunderbolt 3 drivers for MacOS, and ASIO driver for Windows introduce a stand-alone configuration application.

More details here.