New Barefoot Footprint01 Coming Soon

The new, affordable Footprint01 is Barefoot Sound’s response to evolving modern workflows, making the company’s ultra-high performance technologies available to professionals working in home-based facilities, writing, editing or post production rooms. Considering that Footprint01 costs less than half of the “classic” Barefoot models, now independent composers, songwriters, musicians, beat-makers, post production specialists and others can benefit from the Barefoot sound, wherever they work.

The Footprint01 is an active 3-way speaker that shares the same Thomas Barefoot signature designs – Dual-Force technology opposing subwoofers, Dual Ring Radiator tweeter and Multi-Emphasis Monitor Emulation technology – as the MicroMain and MasterStack monitor lines. Footprint01 features dual opposing 8-inch subwoofers amped at 500W, and a 4-inch mid driver plus a 1-inch dual ring radiating tweeter, both sharing a 150W amp. All those components share a lineage with Barefoot’s other products providing extreme transient accuracy, wide sweet spot and flat frequency response. The impressive, 36Hz – 45kHz (±3dB) frequency response is even more astounding when you think that it’s coming from a tiny 35x26x34cm cabinet.

After introducing Footprint01 at NAMM, pre-orders went through the roof and manufacturing is struggling to fulfill the orders. We hope to get the first shipment in few weeks, stay tuned!

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