New Avid Venue S3L-X

S3L_Webinar_10The new Venue S3L-X is an upgrade to the compact S3L System, now sporting a 64-bit operating system and Venue 4.5 Software which adds super cool features like I/O sharing and 64-bit AAX support. When we saw it the first time, we were amazed by the complete transparency of the gain management; both FOH and monitor engineers feel like they have total control of the input gain using the same stagebox without a splitter.

In this webinar (Wed. 15.10., 19:00 CET) Robert Scovill shows in-depth techniques with S3L-X like I/O sharing with complete auto gain tracking, as well as new surface workflows and navigation with even better visual feedback. And since the S3L-X system shares the same S3 control surface which is now available as a stand-alone Eucon controller, Rob will show how to use the S3 directly with Pro Tools.

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