New at SEC: Cube-Tec high-end mastering and restoration plug-ins

Cube-Tec_8.07Famous for the AudioCube mastering workstation, Cube-Tec has now ported it’s precious algorithms to Pro Tools. The new Cube-Tec processors for Pro Tools include DeBuzz, Spectral DeHiss, DeScratcher, DeCrackler, RepairFilter and DeClipper. These are used every day at top mastering houses, post facilities, broadcasters and in forensic work. Be sure to hear the example files on Cube-Tec’s site, pretty amazing stuff.

We’re also happy to announce a special bundle discount for Cube-Tec plugs: Buy two and get 15% off, buy three and get 30% discount. And for four or more processors you’ll get a sweet 45% discount! Contact us for a demo and more details. When there’s a serious noise, buzz, scratch, click or clip problem, these tools deliver.

Cube-Tec plug-ins