More Speed, More Security, Less Stress:Hardstudios Goes DigiDelivery

HardDigiDeliCroppedHardstudios completed their new storage/backup/delivery concept by installing a DigiDelivery Serv|GT to their server rack. With DigiDelivery Hardstudios is capable of sending mixes and masters to clients in a matter of minutes. As Moritz Wetter of Hardstudios puts it:”With DigiDelivery we can send huge files securely around the world as easy as sending an email, directly from our control rooms. We also send RedBook masters to CD-replication for added speed, less cost and more security.”

With DigiDelivery Hardstudios joins a growing network of media companies who want to offer their clients fast and secure delivery of huge media files like Warner, Fox, Paramount, Universal, Skywalker, Technicolor, Gateway Mastering and Swedish TV to mention few. With the new relay function DigiDelivery will pump the data directly to receiving partner’s unit, from where they can download gigabytes in a matter of minutes.

Hardstudios is also renting accounts to external users so if you want a taste of DigiDelivery technology, give them a ring.

To learn more about DigiDelivery, mail or call us.