Melodyne 2.0 plug-in to feature Direct Note Access

Melodyne2_DirNoteAcc_3.08This might sound incredible but the holy grail of audio editing is coming sooner than you might think: Editing individual notes inside a chord will be possible when Celemony releases Melodyne 2 plug-in with Direct Note Access this fall.

With Melodyne 2.0 you can split a polyphonic track to discrete notes and change their pitch, duration and timing independently, much like editing a MIDI track. How about changing a minor chord to a major? Fix one wrong note in an otherwise perfect take? Totally change the chord by playing it in with a MIDI keyboard when the original musician is already in the bar? You can actually do all that and more in few months.

Yes, we thought first as well that April 1. was early this year but check the video below and prepare to be amazed. Just don’t tell musicians or they will never ever want to do a second take anymore. Because now you can fix every damn thing.

Melodyne 2 Direct Note Access video