MassivePack 5 – Massive Mixing Power, Massive Savings until 15.9.06

MassivePack5_300Big_7.06MassivePack 5 plug-in collection comes loaded with some of the best mixing and sound processing plug-ins for Pro Tools|HD including couple of our all-time favorites. And it’s available at massive savings – you can save over Fr. 10’000.-!

MassivePack Pro 5 includes the same collection of 17 plug-ins plus an HD Accel card (PCIx or PCIe), offering you an extremely cost-effective way to expand your Pro Tools|HD system. You’ll get massively more power for plug-ins and ability to work smoothly on larger, more demanding sessions, all while saving up to Fr. 14’000.-.

Free Pro Tools 7.2 Upgrade included:As an added bonus both MassivePack 5 and MassivePack Pro 5 include a license for the upcoming Pro Tools HD 7.2 upgrade. Scroll below to “Digidesign shows Pro Tools HD 7.2 at AES Paris” for 7.2 details

Both MassivePack 5 or MassivePack Pro 5 include the following 12 plug-ins:
– Massenburg DesignWorks – MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ 2.0
– Chandler Limited – EMI TG12413 Limiter
– Antares Systems – AVOX CHOIR
– Antares Systems – AVOX PUNCH
– Princeton Digital – Plate Reverb
– Princeton Digital – Space Station SST-282
– URS – Classic Console Strip
– URS – 1975 Classic Compressor Limiter
– SoundToys – FilterFreak
– SoundToys – Tremolator
– Eventide – H3000 Band Delays
– Eventide – Ultra-Channel

Plus, you can choose 5 additional plug-ins from these:
– Bomb Factory – Pultec Bundle
– Bomb Factory – Slightly Rude Compressor
– Digidesign – DINR
– Digidesign – Hybrid
– Digidesign – ReVibe (requires a Pro Tools|HD Accel system)
– Digidesign – Smack!
– Digidesign – Synchronic
– Trillium Lane Labs – TL Aggro
– Trillium Lane Labs – TL EveryPhase
– Trillium Lane Labs – TL Space TDM
– Trillium Lane Labs – TL Utilities

System Requirements:Digidesign-qualified Pro Tools|HD system running Pro Tools HD 7.1 or higher software, iLok USB Smart Key (included with Pro Tools|HD systems), Internet access, account. MassivePack 5 and MassivePack Pro 5 are available to registered Pro Tools|HD customers. Only one MassivePack 5 or MassivePack Pro 5 may be ordered per registered Pro Tools|HD system. The deadline to activate licenses online is March 31, 2007.

As always, a deal as good as this won’t last forever so call or mail us now to get more mixing power while saving loads of money. The promotion ends 15.9.06.

MassivePack 5 Details