Massive Pack is back – better than ever

MP6_7.07The new Massive Pack 6 comes with some of our all time favorites and absolute must-have plug-ins like Crane Song Phoenix, Massenburg MDW EQ, Sonnox Oxford Dynamics, TC Master X3 and TL Space.

With Massive Pack 6 you can save up to Fr. 11’000.- while getting an excellent collection of processors. With Massive Pack 6 Pro – which includes a Pro Tools HD Accel card – you can save up to Fr. 14’500.- and use the included Accel card to run the new toys.

The core collection includes:
– Chandler EMI TG12413 Limiter – Classic and modern versions
– Crane Song Phoenix – Smooth analog tape emulation
– Eventide H3000 Factory – Up to 18 effects modules
– Line 6 Echo Farm – Collection of vintage echo units
– Massenburg MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ 2.0 – *The* reference EQ
– Digidesign ReVibe – Room-modeling 5.1 reverb
– Digidesign Synchronic – Beat and audio tool for loops and mixes
– Sonnox Oxford Dynamics – Channel dynamics of OXF-R3 console
– TC Electronic Harmony4 – Harmonizer for up to 4-part harmonies
– TC Electronic Master X3 – Virtual multiband Finalizer

Plus, choose six additional plug-ins from the following:
– Bomb Factory Fairchild 660 and 670 Bundle – Tube limiters
– Bomb Factory Moogerfooger Bundle – Classic Moog sound
– Digidesign DINR – Get rid of noise, hiss, buzz, and hum
– TL Space TDM – Reference convolution reverb
– Digidesign Hybrid – Hi-def synth with analog and digital sounds
– TL Utilities – Essential studio tools incl. metronome, tuner etc.
– TL Drum Rehab – Tools to enhance or replace drum sounds
– Bomb Factory Classic Compressors – BF-2A, Purple Audio MC77

This truly sweet promotion in available only until 20.9.07 so don’t miss it.