Manny Marroquin, “All the things that I look for in a monitor”

Manny Marroquin (The Rolling Stones, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Rihanna) is one of the hottest mixers on the planet with 40 number 1 hits and 100 Top Ten albums under his belt.

To deliver top quality results, Manny needs top quality gear. “I think the key is, the studio monitor. Does that monitor inspire you? Whatever I drive in to it, i gotta be able to get influenced with what comes out.”

Regarding Barefoots: “I just immediately fell in love with them because they were just powerful. They were punchy. They were musical. They were not too pretty, but yet not too raw. All the things that I look for in a monitor.”

Want to hear why Manny loves his Barefoots? Come to our showroom to check out our massive Barefoot Wall Of Sound. You can A/B Footprint01, MM45, MM27Gen2, MM26 and MM12 as well as our collection of other high-end studio monitors. Give us a ring, grab your favourite CDs, and let’s meet in Uznach.

And as Barefoot Sound likes to say: Hear What They Hear.