Made With Amphion Vol. 5

Why do so many of the best and brightest new artists, engineers and producers track and mix with Amphion? Because with Amphions a crappy mix sounds crappy and a good mix sounds good. You need to hear the difference to know what you’re doing. Listening to flattering speakers leads your mix to wrong paths. You need to hear the truth, not sloppy taps on the shoulder.

Justin Bieber’s new album “Changes” was mixed with Amphion Two18 by Josh Gudwin. Billie Eilish’s, James Bond theme track “No time to die” was also mixed with Amphion Two18+BaseOne25 by Rob Kinelski.¬†Halseys “Manic” album was the first RIAA Certified Platinum album of this year and few songs of it were produced and mixed with Two18 by John Cunningham.

Check out the Made With Amphion Vol. 5 at Tidal, Spotify, and Qobuz. And come to check out the speakers which helped to create these hits in our showroom. Contact us for a demo.