Mac Pro Here

Mac_Pro_TB_1.14It was a long wait but worth it. This morning the mailman brought a small but heavy package full of raw speed, our first Mac “Darth Vader” Pro. The 6-core 3.5GHz Mac Pro with PCIe SSD, Dual FirePro D500 and 32GB RAM is truly a phenomenal machine. Especially considering the tiny size and practically noiseless operation. It feels in your hand like something from the future and the speed is just crazy. Cold boot takes 15 seconds from pressing the button to landing to Finder. Everything feels super snappy and instantaneous.

We’re already testing HDX in Thunderbolt Chassis with Pro Tools HD 11 and until now haven’t had any problems. Please note that Mac Pros are not yet really available in Switzerland, we got this one for testing and are still waiting for all the pre-ordered Mac Pros for customers. At the moment new orders will be fulfilled in March. We hope to be able to deliver the first units in a week or two for customers who ordered early.

For a super geeky and thorough review of the new Mac Pro, check out the link. It’s filled with interesting points like the fact that Mac Pro is cheaper than a HP or Lenovo with the same amount of power.

AnandTech Mac Pro Review