Logic Pro 7.2 Pro Tools 7 HD Compatible – UPDATE

logicpro_7.2New Logic Pro 7.2 is fully compatible with the Pro Tools 7.1 DAE. All features are supported, including ESB and EXS24TDM (you must install an updated Digidesign Stream Manager framework library file, which is downloadable from the Digidesign support website).

Although Logic Pro 7.2 is a universal version that runs natively on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Mac systems, Pro Tools is not yet compatible with Intel-based Macs. Customers using Pro Tools HD 6.9.x and earlier software must use Logic Pro 7.1 or earlier.

UPDATE:To install the Pro Tools files needed to support Logic Pro 7.2, you must download Pro Tools HD 7.1cs4 or higher, available as a free update for all Pro Tools HD 7 owners from the Digidesign website in the Support/Downloads/Pro Tools CS Updates section.