Last Chance To Upgrade To Pro Tools HD 10 Software For HD Owners

– Today 8.5.13 is the last day that Pro Tools HD 10 upgrades are available from PTHD 7 and 8

– As PTHD 11 doesn’t run on HD Accel hardware, there will be no PTHD 11 upgrade from 7 or 8
– PTHD 11 and PTHD 10 are included for free when you buy new HDX or upgrade your HD system to HDX – this is the best deal anyway if you still have HD Accel system with PTHD 7, 8 or 9.
– PTHD 9 to 11 upgrade is available for HD Native owners only, also incl. free PTHD 10
– You can use PTHD 10 and 11 in the same machine without rebooting so you can easily open sessions with RTAS plugs until all plugs are available as AAX 64-bit
– HDX runs great in a Magma Thunderbolt chassis so to upgrade to HDX, you don’t need an expensive Mac Pro

Questions? Call or mail us, we’re glad to help! It’s actually not quite as complicated as it sounds…