Happy Holidays!


A big Thank You for all customers, suppliers and friends for 2020! It was a weird year but we were lucky and managed to work almost normally after the shock of the first lockdown. For many of our customers 2020 was simply catastrophic and we sincerely hope that things will get better soon. When this is over, people definitely want to see gigs and get together so we’re hoping for a big bounce back in 2021!

Instead of spending thousands on postcards or fancy gifts, we rather donate the money to kids in need around the world, supporting small local projects run by people that we know and trust:

Streetkids project in Ghana – Chance For Children

Ecological village development in Bolivia – Pro Huancarani

Schooling and supporting kids in India – GandhiCare

Check out the projects and consider donation. They got hit way harder with the virus than we. Already a small amount can make a big difference in the life of the unprivileged kids so help us to help!