Glyph PortaGig SSD – the End of Harddisk Recording

Glyph_PortaGigSSD_8.09Having nightmares of losing work due crashed harddisks? Tired of waiting your hard drive to spin up? Frustrated by slow file transfers? At last, we have the perfect solution. Now you can record without fear of head crash, without noise – and with stunning speed. Harddisk recording is over, and we all should rejoice.

Thanks to Solid State technology, the new Glyph PortaGig SSD’s instant access time (100 x faster than a disk!) gives you ridiculous track counts, even at super high edit density: The 2.5” PortaGig SSD can play back 128 48kHz/24bit Pro Tools tracks at 3 edits/sec across all tracks. Since PortaGig SSD has no moving parts, head crash is impossible, making the it the best solution for field recording and critical work where failure is not an option. The bus powered drive also emits absolutely no noise – perfect for both location recording and studio control room. And all this fits in your pocket with 64GB, 128GB or 192GB capacity.

We will have first units here soon and will put them through some additional tests so stay tuned.

Glyph PortaGig SSD features