Glyph PortaGig 800 Pro Tools compatible pocket drive shipping

GlyphPortagig800_6.08How about sticking all your current projects in your pocket? Working directly from a 2.5” drive? Without power supply? Can do! The new Glyph PortaGig is a tiny bus-powered hard drive that has been approved for Pro Tools, allowing you to work on the road easily and reliably.

PortaGig 800 features two FireWire 800 ports, USB 2.0, and a fast SATA II drive in a quiet fanless aluminum case. Available at 5400rpm and 7200rpm speeds and sizes up to 250GB, this is a must have drive for a pro sound engineer. Like its big brothers, it comes with a full 3 year warranty.

Glyph PortaGig 800 specs