Get up to Fr. 7’000.- for your old DAW when upgrading to Pro Tools HD

Crossgrade_11.06If you give us one of these:

– Alesis ADAT HD-24
– AKAI DD8, DD1000, DD1500
– Augan OMX, OMX 24, DAR OMR8
– FED Audio Solution
– Mackie MDR24/96
– Tascam MX2424, MMR-8, MMR-16

We’ll give you this for up to Fr. 7’000.- cheaper:
– Pro Tools|HD3, HD2 or HD1 Accel
– Sync I/O
– MachineControl
– DigiTranslator 2.0
– Pro Tools HD 7 software
– HDpack v. 6.0
– Pro Tools Ignition Pack

So if you still have that old Digital Audio Workstation in the closet, now is the time to convert it to sweet cash. This offer expires 20.12.06 so act fast and contact us for details.