Get free MassivePack 5 when you upgrade to Pro Tools|HD 2 or HD 3

free_MP5_promo_11.06MassivePack 5 includes some of the best mixing and sound processing plug-ins for Pro Tools|HD. Now Digidesign is offering MP5 to you for free when you move up from your old Pro Tools system to Pro Tools|HD. But act now – this sweet deal (worth up to Fr. 12’000.-) is only available until December 20, 2006.

MassivePack 5 includes 12 professional plug-ins from Antares, Chandler, Eventide, Massenburg, Princeton Digital, SoundToys, and URS. Plus, you get to choose an additional five plug-ins from Digidesign, Bomb Factory, and Trillium Lane Labs.

To get MassivePack 5 for free, just exchange your legacy Pro Tools system (Pro Tools|24, Pro Tools|24 MIX, Pro Tools III, Pro Tools Project, Session 8, Digi 001, Mbox, or Digi ToolBox/Audiomedia III) up to a Pro Tools|HD 2 Accel or Pro Tools|HD 3 Accel system. Take advantage of this offer now because hardware exchange prices will go up after December 20, 2006.