Full house at TTS event in Baden

TTS_6.07_halfTontechnikschule TTS threw an apéro party and info evening for new and old students as well as for veterans of Swiss audio scene. The most interesting part was a panel discussion “Sound engineer – a contemporary sound specialist or dispensable operator” with seasoned engineers Esther Heeb (TPC/SF DRS), Moritz Wetter (Hardstudios), Patrik Schwitter (Sunhill Project Studio), Patrick Müller (Tonkultur) and Pele Lerch (Spartacus Studios), moderated by Martin Lachmann.

After a lively discussion, the panel came to the conclusion that sound engineers are indeed valuable in making records, film and broadcast to happen – even when hardware has became affordable to every musician. Anybody with Pro Tools LE and a laptop has more technical possibilities than Beatles could ever dream of – but the old truth is that buying (even a lefty) Stratocaster doesn’t make you a Hendrix. And a laptop doesn’t quite cut it in a professional environment either – it was nice to notice that all panel guests earn their daily bread by working on Pro Tools HD systems from us. Industry standard indeed.

Thanks for Beat and the whole TTS team for a great evening and hope to meet everybody next year!