Frank Morrone’s Thoughts on S6 at Technicolor Toronto

Technicolor_Toronto_S6Emmy-award winning Frank Morrone (Lost, Sex and the City) has been busy on Avid S6 and Pro Tools 11 HDX mixing The Strain, the new hit series from Guillermo Del Toro. In the interview he talks about ever tightening budgets and how to avoid stress by using the best tools available.

According to Frank “The challenges we face in mixing for television today are that track counts continue to get bigger, our budgets are getting smaller and the schedules are getting tighter… We’re basically asked to deliver a high quality theatrical 5.1 mix in a fraction of the time than we would have with a feature film. Days as opposed to weeks. Having a streamlined workflow is the key to efficiently delivering that mix.”

Having started back in the days of mag film and analog consoles, Frank appreciates the integrated power of S6 and Pro Tools HDX: “The great thing about working (entirely) within Pro Tools and S6 is that the automation stays intact wherever you go and it makes it seamless to move from one studio to another. … I really love the scrolling waveforms because when I’m doing my dialogue premixes I can see when a piece of dialogue is coming in on a track and if I need to raise my Fader because of the (relative) size of the incoming waveform.  To be able to also see my metering, my compression and my EQ curves right next to the scrolling waveform are just great features and they really get you into a rhythm when you’re working. It’s a rhythm and efficiency that you could never get before. … But if I had to pick just one [feature] – I love the touchscreen; it’s a great, great feature! I find that I am constantly going to it and being able to scroll through tracks or go to EQ’s or the surround panner – and it just really allows me to work very quickly and efficiently. It’s also fun – that’s the best way to put it, the S6 is a lot of fun to work on.”

Much more in the interview here.

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