Fourth HD|3 System at Hardstudios

HardMobileHD3_3.10Hardstudios upgraded their mobile studio to the same DAW power as the three main studios. Used for live broadcast and multitrack recording, the HardMobile now offers a complete Pro Tools HD|3 studio on wheels with 64 inputs for even most demanding jobs.

“Before we were using dedicated harddisk recorders without any visual feedback, which made things a bit complicated, especially when quick overdubs were needed. Now we have the industry standard system in the mobile as well and overdubbing is as easy as in our other studios.” says Michael Brändli. “And with the HD|3, we’re not only 100% file compatible with our main studios for superfast workflow, now we can even use it as a full blown studio when A, B and C are full.” Already booked for jobs for Swiss TV and Radio, the HardMobile is going to have a busy summer around the country.