First of Three S6s at SRF Radio Drama Studios Installed

S6_TPC_PR1_6.16After last year’s S6 installations at TPC’s Zürich TV studios and Basel radio studios, SEC recently delivered the first of three big S6s for SRG’s radio drama production. The 32-channel, 9-knob per channel S6 M40 controllers will replace the venerable D-Controls which have seen hundreds of productions during their 10 years in the house. Due to S6’s completely modular design and size concerns, TPC’s crew decided to build custom housing which offers perfect balance between ergonomic and space usage in the moderately sized control rooms of SRF. After testing the first console briefly, we must say the result is not only classy, but also extremely comfortable and fast to use.

Radio drama is said to be like producing a film without picture. The challenges are the same and in many ways even deeper because there is no picture to distract the audience. Therefore the illusion of time an space can be done only with excellent sound engineering. This means that to achieve top quality with today’s tight schedules and budgets, the tools must be top notch as well. Deepest possible DAW integration is not an option, it’s an absolute must – and this is exactly there Avid S6 shines so an upgrade from D-Control to S6 was an obvious choice for TPC and SRF.

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