Eucon 2021.10 Available

EUCON 2021.10 software update is now available for Avid S1, S3, S4, S6, and Dock control surfaces, as well as the Avid Control mobile app, offering new features and functionality that accelerate editing and mixing tasks. Especially cool is the new Swap Layers function for serious post production work, check the video here.

With EUCON 2021.10 and you can:

  • Assign tracks on up to four Swap layers
    per strip, enabling you to access different tracks from the same strip quickly (Avid S4 & S6 only)
  • Toggle plugins on and off using the X button to quickly bypass processing (Avid S1 only)
  • Experience faster session load and close times, Layout recall, Banking, Spill, and Attention (all EUCON surfaces—requires Pro Tools 2021.10)
  • Gain numerous smaller features and bug fixes

EUCON 2021.10 is now available on your Avid Account with a valid Avid Advantage support contract.