Double Your Sonnox Plug-In Activations For Free With iLok Cloud

Sonnox has now iLok Cloud authorisation available for the following Sonnox products: Oxford EQ, Dynamics, Inflator, Limiter, Reverb, TransMod, SuprEsser and SuprEsser DS, Dynamic EQ, Envolution and Toolbox VoxDoubler. In effect, you’ll get a 2nd activation for all Generation 5 (G5) Sonnox products listed above for free, enabling you to work seamlessly anywhere.

The new cloud authorisation also lets you use any of your Native or HDX Plug-Ins with your iLok account and an active internet connection, without a physical iLok. Waves Soundgrid products are not supported with iLok Cloud authorisation at this time.

More info here and here.