Dolby Atmos Mixing Template

Check out this comprehensive video with loads of super clever tricks of how to set up a professional Mixing Template for Dolby Atmos mixing for music.

Alex Solano – aka Alex Pro Mix – is a certified Dolby Atmos mixer for Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group and in this video, he shares in detail how he sets up his template.

Alex is using an MTRX Studio and Avid Pro Tools, but as he points out, it works just the same way if you use Apple’s Logic Pro, Steinberg’s Nuendo or Cubase, etc.

And of course if you use DAD AX32, AX64, Core 256 or AX Center, the DADman setup is exactly the same as Alex demonstrates. When you’re done, check out the part 2.

And when you need gear to get your studio up to Atmos-land, contact us, we’re happy to help!