Digidesign RM2 ready for your ears in SEC showroom

RM2_Showroom_7.07We got the Digidesign RM2 Reference Monitors yesterday and immediately put them through series of listening tests in our showroom.

The first impressions were surprisingly positive – when it comes to new monitors, we’re always more than sceptic. RM2s pack an incredible punch for the size and can be driven on a very high SPL levels, competing near the league of our built-in main monitors, Genelec 1038s. Also the 48bit double precision DSP must have brought something fresh in the game since these speakers sounded way better than any nearfield PMCs we’ve heard. The RM2s were also clearly less fatiguing than our up-to-now standard nearfields and therfore very easy to mix on. But ears are as different as tastes so give us a ring for a demo in our control room. Or ask for a pair to listen in your own studio – these monitors rock.