Digidesign Releases 003 Family


The rumored upgrade to the midfield LE product range is here:Meet Digi 003 Factory, 003 Rack and 003 Rack Factory.

The new 003 family offers many user-requested enhancements compared 002 generation like better display, jog/shuttle wheel, dedicated automation controls, LED level meters, insert and send assignment, standalone MIDI mode, new better mic pres, etc.

Integrated Control Surface (003 only)
– 8 touch-sensitive motorised faders
– 8 motion-sensitive rotary encoders for pan/send/meter/plug-in control
– Mute, solo, and select switches per channel
– 5-segment LED for metering and auto mode
– Assign inserts and sends from control surface
– Dedicated automation controls and LEDs
– Dedicated transport control
– Standalone MIDI Mode functionality
– Jog/shuttle wheel
– 6-character, 2-line LCD per ch. for track name, pan, send, fader, plug-in values and timeline position

I/O (003 and 003 Rack)
– FireWire 400 connectivity
– 18 simultaneous channels of audio I/O
– 24-bit/96 kHz resolution
– 8 analogue inputs, 8 analogue outputs
– 4 pro mic pres with individual gain and hi-pass
– 48V phantom power enabled on channel pairs
– 8 channels of ADAT optical I/O (max. 48kHz)
– 2 channels of S/PDIF digital I/O (max. 96kHz)
– 1 MIDI in, 2 MIDI outs (16 ch. in/32 ch. out)
– BNC Word Clock I/O (max. 96kHz)
– Dedicated studio monitor output, plus alt. control room output
– Alternate Source input for external device monitoring
– Dual headphone outputs with individual source and level controls

Industry-Standard Pro Tools Software
– Pro Tools LE software for composing, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering
– Fully integrated MIDI sequencing with 256 simultaneous MIDI tracks
– Support for streaming ReWire applications
– Beat Detective LE automatic groove analysis and correction tool
– Supports Digidesign Command|8 and Control|24 control surfaces
– Huge selection of compatible third-party plug-ins and software options
– 32 simultaneous audio tracks (128 virtual audio tracks), expandable to 48 tracks with Music Production Toolkit or DV Toolkit 2

Big Software Bundle
– Factory bundle of 12 plug-ins, plus an iLok (003 Factory and 003 Rack Factory only)
– Bomb Factory plug-ins:Seven high-quality processors and utilities
– DigiRack plug-ins:39 pro effects, processors, and utilities
– Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 (003 Rack) or Pro Tools Ignition Pack 2 Pro (003 Factory and 003 Rack Factory):Comprehensive collection of powerful plug-ins, virtual instruments, compatible applications, sounds, and more

Pricing will be identical 002 Factory, 002 Rack and 002 Rack factory. 003 will replace 002 in Turbocharged LE Exchange program – more details soon, stay tuned.