Digidesign posts Pepsi challenge online – can you hear the difference?

ProTools_PepsiChallenge_8.07There has been talk if Pro Tools sounds different, better or worse than a large format analog console. Well, now you can decide yourself. Listen to the examples on the link below and try to hear the difference between a big SSL and Pro Tools ICON with Waves SSL plug-ins. You might be surprised. Check out also the video where Brian Malouf (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince), Eric Zobler (Miles Davis, Al Jarreau, Whitney Houston) explain their insights of the analog console vs. Pro Tools sound.

The bottom line: If you wish, you can match the sound of a high-end analog console with Pro Tools. But in effect, you can make it sound anything you want and on top of it get the world’s best automation, flexibility, speed and better ergonomics for far less money than a serious analog console. Those are probably some of the main the reasons why there are over 2000 ICONs around the world already and the number is rapidly growing. Get yours before the prices go up in September.

Pro Tools vs. SSL challenge